True Love

A love so true, someone who is always there
You love me, Lord, and I know that you care
Though others disappoint and are always changing
I know that You never will
When life is turbulent and the road is twisting
You say to my heart, "Be still."

I must rest solely in Your tender arms
Guarded by the strength You convey
All others will fail time and again
But You, my God, will always stay.

When my heart is aching inside,
no matter the reasons why
You touch the wounds, heal the hurts,
and dry these tears I cry.

When something is missing in my life
And my heart yearns for something more
You teach me of Your covenant love
And the hope that is laid up in store.

When I'm lonely inside, Your arms are open wide
Sheltering and protecting, so strong, yet mild
Your Spirit stirs within my heart, fixing every broken part
Reminding me that I'm Your child.

Though some things in life are unsure
And at times I feel left all alone
You touch my heart and I am content
Your love surrounds me - I feel right at home.

August 13th, 1995
Jerry Bouey

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