Only God Knows

When I'm undecided and feeling unsure
When it seems like life is just a blur
When the right choice seems so obscure
How do I begin to feel secure?
Only God knows.

When I'm lonely and depressed
When it seems I'm being oppressed
When my soul is in sore distress
How do I relieve this mess?
Only God knows.

Only God knows the way that I go
He sees into my heart, into my soul
Only God knows the words to speak
The comfort I so dearly seek
Only God knows my deepest dreams
My hopes, my fears, my silent schemes
My plans, my desires, my inner foes
When all is uncertain, only God knows.

When I'm tempted, tested, sore beset
When I'm overwhelmed by regret
When I can't see my way quite yet
Reading His Word is one sure bet
Because only God knows!

Psalm 139 and James 1:5

February 6th, 1996
Jerry Bouey


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