Northern Lights

We saw the Northern Lights tonight,
glittering up in the sky.
In rapture, we beheld the sight,
and my how the time passed by -
In worshipping and praising
the Lord who made all these things.
In amazement and wonder,
our souls began to sing.

We talked about God's love tonight,
and sang songs from His Word;
About how Jesus died to give us life -
so glad that we had heard.
Awestruck at all the colours,
bright green and white and red.
Praising Christ for Calvary
and for the blood that He had shed.

Night grew a little bit colder,
but now we were warmed within.
We thanked Jesus for having saved us
and forgiving all our sin.
Remembering God's past mercies,
and sharing them again,
And all through this time of worship,
our hearts drew closer to Him.

Thank you, Lord, for your awesome gift of creation,
and for making us new creatures in Christ Jesus.

October 4th, 2000
Jerry (Gerald) Bouey



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