Mother's Day In Heaven
(Dedicated to my Mom -
I miss you, and look forward to seeing you again!)

 Itís your first Motherís Day in Heaven Ė
I'm so thankful that you're not alone;
As you behold the face of our Saviour,
And are blessed to worship at His throne.

Mom, I would love to send you flowers,
Though their fading glory could not compare
To the beautiful sights and sounds of Heaven,
And your very own mansion over there.

I never thought so much about Heaven,
As I have since youíve gone home to that place Ė
Oh Mom, I miss you so very much,
And I long to see your precious face.

You see, this earthly home now seems more empty Ė
Its glitter and glamour can no more impress;
For Heaven is the place of Godís truest riches Ė
Where our Father only keeps the best!

Since you turned and trusted in the Saviour,
An amazing change has taken place;
Dwelling in the presence of Jesus now,
In Heaven - only because of His grace.

Itís your first Motherís Day in Heaven Ė
With everlasting joy and peace up there.
Oh Mom, I miss you so much now,
But I know our reunion will be beyond compare.

May 8th/06
Jerry Bouey

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