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Visitor's Name: Angela Trenholm
Homepage URL:
You are from: Kelowna, BC
Comments: Thanks for the awesome site, Jerry. It's a wonderful tribute to our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Thanks for putting up "It's Only After". I had fun helping you with it. Also, thank you for helping me set up our family site.
Sign Time: October 01 2000

Visitor's Name: Henrietta
Homepage URL:
You are from: W.Va. USA
Comments: Jerry, you know, I think you have a gift in writing poetry. I have been blessed by your poems and most certainly by your friendship.You will always be "my" Adam. May God always put the words in your heart, so you can write them down, to give people like me, strength, to carry on with hope in our hearts. Thank you my dear "faceless" friend. God bless. :-)
Sign Time: October 01 2000

Visitor's Name: Jo Ann Chastain
You are from: Lufkin, Texas
Comments: This is a wonderful website. The poems on grief have been good for me since my husband died on 9/19/00.
Sign Time: October 01 2000

Visitor's Name: Rev. Mack Daugherty
Homepage URL:
You are from: Virginia
Comments: Thanks for all the things you have sent and for the ones that I have used on my home page, God bless
Sign Time: October 01 2000

Visitor's Name: Annie
Comments: This is a really kool site. You are very talented. Keep writing for God!!!
Signed on October 01 2000

Visitor's Name: Esther (Esther's Prayer was written for her)
Comments: I want to thank you again for your beautiful poems. They are very soothing to me. Esther.
Signed on October 02 2000

Visitor's Name: Misty
You are from: Kelowna, BC
Comments: Jerry, as your new kitten, I have to say that your site is the cat's meow... I especially liked the backgrounds for True Christian Friends, Inexpressible, and Show Me, because they remind me so much of my family. (P.S. Told ya, Henri, that I would do this...)
Sign Time: October 02 2000

Visitor's Name: Susie J. Hill
You are from: Kilgore, Texas
Comments: Your poetry is such a blessing and it is inspiring and very comforting. I love sharing your words with others, as the need arises, and I am fixing to send out an Email to all my many, many net friends in my address book and give them your site. Keep up the beautiful work, and God bless you.
Sign Time: October 03 2000

Visitor's Name: PAM
You are from: N.C.
Comments: Thanks Jerry for the inspiration and your dedication to our wonderful Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. May God continue to richly bless you. This is a beautiful site with so much giving in it.
Sign Time: October 06 2000

Visitor's Name: Marilyn
Homepage URL:
You are from: missouri
Comments: Hi Gerald, I have bookmarked your site so I can come back often and read your poems. Thanks for taking the time to make this place of comfort.
Sign Time: October 10 2000

Visitor's Name: Stephanie
Homepage URL:
You are from: United States, Kentucky
Comments: Here I am!!! HaHa. I too just love these little guestbooks. As you already know I love your site. You have great poetry. THANK YOU FOR USING MY SETS!! May God Bless
Sign Time: October 11 2000

Visitor's Name: Susie Hill
You are from:
Comments: Dear Gerald: This is truly a beautiful and awe-inspiring site. Your poetry and thoughts you share are so inspirational. Keep up the good work. Love the upgraded new web site! Susie Hill
Sign Time: October 13 2000

Visitor's Name: esther
Comments: That is a beautiful homepage as usual. It is very comforting.
Sign Time: October 18 2000

Visitor's Name: BRAD
Comments: I am really impressed with your web page, Gerald. It's a great way of evangelism. Looks like you put a lot of time and effort into this endeavour. It's encouraging to see how you're using your gift.
Signed on October 21 2000

Visitor's Name: Diane Manuel
Comments: I think your website is beautiful, and I hope that God ministers to a lot of people through it!
In Christ,
Diane Manuel
Signed on October 22 2000

Visitor's Name: Mary Whitmore
Comments: I thank God for directing me to your poems. What I've read has touched me deeply. I have gotten such a blessing & so much encouragement. And I just found out about you today. I turned to the Lord 7-6-97.
Signed on October 26 2000

Visitor's Name: Debby
Comments: Your poems truly are beautiful and touching. Thank you very much.
Signed on October 29 2000

Visitor's Name: Sylvia
Homepage URL:
You are from: Oklahoma
Comments: You have created a beautiful site here. The annointing of God is with you. I have only begun reading all you have to offer, but will return again. Thank you for sharing. God Bless You.
Sign Time: October 30 2000

Visitor's Name: Marcus Allen
Homepage URL:
You are from: MS
Comments: I really enjoyed this page. The Word is so rich in your poems. May God bless you in all you do.
Sign Time: October 31 2000

Visitor's Name: Kristi
Homepage URL:
You are from: Texas
Comments: The annointing of God is truly upon you. Your gift is so special. May you continue to touch the hearts of others as you have done me. God bless you! Love, Kristi
Sign Time: November 01 2000

Visitor's Name: Bev Lendvoy
Homepage URL:
You are from: Kelowna, B.C.
Comments: Gerald, I love what you have done to your site. Keep up the good work. I hope to see more poems up in the future. Your sister in Christ, Bev.
Sign Time: December 01 2000

Visitor's Name: Mary
You are from: Wisconsin
Comments: Your poems say what I need to hear now. I have bookmarked your site, so I can come back again. Thanks for the wonderful poems.
Sign Time: December 04 2000

Visitor's Name: April Wendling
Homepage URL:
You are from: Michigan
Comments: We believe in the power of prayer! Thank you so much! April
Sign Time: December 11 2000

Visitor's Name: Kim Hammett
Homepage URL:
You are from: Louisiana
Comments: Wonderful pages...I look forward to sharing some of your poems with the readers of the devotional that I distribute. May God continue to bless you as you faithfully do His work.
Sign Time: December 14 2000

Visitor's Name: Joni
Homepage URL:
You are from: Florida, USA
Comments: WOW! What glorious poetry! These poems truly do glorify our Lord. I love them. That site up there^ is my son's. He carries a 12" wooden cross throughout the USA. Telling the Good News!
Sign Time: December 27 2000

Visitor's Name: Jan
Homepage URL:
You are from: Kansas
Comments: Wonderful God-honoring site with beautiful pages and beautiful poetry! God bless your ministry for Him on the WWW!
Sign Time: December 31 2000

Visitor's Name: Amy
You are from: Cornelius, NC
Comments: I am Henri's niece and I just wanted to say that your writing is just beautiful. She speaks highly of you. Thank you for writing the poem for her "Its only after". I read it and its so true. My sweet uncle would be glad to know that she has someone to inspire her heart to go on without him. We all miss him so much. Thank You :-)
Sign Time: January 03 2001

Visitor's Name:
You are from: Florida
Comments: Beautiful web site you have, beautiful graphics. It is always a blessing to see other Christian web sites praising the Lord. Keep up the great work! God Bless You!
Sign Time: January 07 2001

Visitor's Name: Nancy D.
Homepage URL:
You are from: Central Iowa
Comments: You have a very nice site. Thank you for sharing. Great words, music and graphics. May God bless you and yours abundantly.
Sign Time: January 07 2001

Visitor's Name: Reta Clatyon
Homepage URL:
You are from: Texas
Comments: Your web site is just wonderful. There is so much to see and read here I will visit often. Keep up the tremendous work. Love your sections written by others as well. Just beautiful work. God Bless, Reta
Sign Time: January 08 2001

Visitor's Name: Debbie
Homepage URL:
You are from: Indiana
Comments: Wonderful site, Jerry! Thanks for sharing your gift with words in such a positive way. I appreciate your allowing me to share your poetry on the Reale site as well. Two of your poems now enjoy their own pages there. Take care, and God bless and keep you!
Sign Time: January 11 2001

Visitor's Name: JANE
You are from: KENTUCKY
Comments: Thank you for a beautiful web site. I came upon it tonight just when I needed to read the things you have written. I know it was sent from God to me at my lowest point. Thank you again and may God bless you.
Sign Time: January 13 2001

Visitor's Name: Jim Keeling
Homepage URL:
You are from: ~hills of Kentucky~
Comments: Hi, I just wanted to thank you for a lovely visit. You have a wonderful site and I enjoyed reading you poems. Thank you for sharing your love of Jesus with me. May God Bless you, Jim
Sign Time:
January 30 2001

Visitor's Name: Norma
You are from: New London, Ohio
Comments: I've seen your compliments on others homepages. I'd like to compliment you on YOURS. It's very beautiful!! Matt. 11:28-30 is one of my favorite passages and promises in the Bible. I'm glad you have chosen to use the internet to pass on the Word of God. May God bless you for what you do for His honor!!
Sign Time: February 19 2001

Visitor's Name: S. Moore
You are from: Georgia
Comments: Thank you for these pages. Your poems are inspiring and uplifting. I had looked for something to show to a friend that said just what I felt and your poem "Friends Forever" said it all. Thanks
Sign Time: February 24 2001

Visitor's Name: Linda
Homepage URL:
You are from: Pa
Comments: A most wonderful site! I really enjoyed reading your work!
Sign Time: February 26 2001

Visitor's Name: Mary Whitmore
You are from: Huntington, WV.
Comments: You know the Lord knows just what you need just when you need it. As I began to read this I got so blessed I could hardly see the words. I thank you so very much.
Sign Time: March 15 2001

Visitor's Name: AngelHeart
Homepage URL:
You are from: Virginia Beach, VA
Comments: What a beautiful site. I've just touched the tip and plan on viewing the entire site, some tonight, some this weekend... You really have done an outstanding job praising our Lord here... A Superior Christian site and I'm honored my sets are used here... God Bless you always.
Sign Time: March 16 2001

Visitor's Name: Bob
Homepage URL:
You are from: Long Island, NY
Comments: Jerry, I found your pages to be uplifting and inspirational. Your writing is beautiful...keep up the great work...Bob
Sign Time: March 24 2001

Visitor's Name: Elva Wulff
Comments: Hi there ...I have enjoyed your site so very much .......God bless you in what you are doing on this site of yours ...there is so much to bless people with on there and you get the Salvation message out which is the utmost important thing that we do ....may the Lord richly bless you for all the time and love of him that you put into this site...your sister in the Lord ..Elva
Signed on April 21 2001

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