It's Only After

(Dedicated To Henri)

Roses are so beautiful that we forget that thorns cause pain,
We often forget that rainbows only come after the rain.
Sometimes the sun is hidden when storm clouds are in view,
Itís only after the rose is picked that it will bring great joy to you.

Itís only after the storm subsides that peace comes to calm the seas,
Itís only when the light turns on that the shadow suddenly flees.
Sometimes we only learn, to appreciate the light,
After walking through the darkness, in what seems like blackest night.

Itís often only when you miss someone that their worth is realized,
For iron sharpening iron, is a blessing in disguise.
You may lose your dearest friend, yet there will always be another,
Still, Jesus is the best of friends that sticks closer than a brother.

Itís only when you see youíre lost, that you truly can be found,
Itís when you admit your poverty that Christís riches can abound.
Itís only in losing yourself that you find lifeís joy at last,
And sometime in the future, the Lord will heal the past.

Itís only after you pray in faith, that the peace of God transcends,
And only after your faith is proved, does the trial come to an end.
Itís only in surrender to the Lord that brings end to inward strife,
Itís only after dying that we rise to endless life.

Itís only after travailing that comes the joy of a childís birth,
Only after the tribulation comes the new heaven and new earth.
Only after a seemingly endless night, comes the dawning of the day,
Itís only in eternity that the former things are passed away.

Itís only after the sorrow ceases that comes the soothing of the pain,
And just before the darkness passes that the Morning Star shines again.
After the tests and trials are done, the Father wipes all our tears away,
And weíll live with Christ, our Saviour, in eternityís endless day.

August 29th, 2000
Jerry Bouey and Angela Trenholm

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God,
to them who are the called according to His purpose.
Romans 8:28


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