The Good News

When you compromise and give in to your gravest sin,
and you realize that itís not what you thought it would be,
When you look within your heart and abhor the blackest parts,
and wonder who can cleanse and make you free.

When you tremble at the thought of all the pain and grief youíve wrought,
and you shudder down to your very soul,
With horror at your shame, you realize that youíre to blame,
and you long to be forgiven and made whole.

When you think that itís the end, think again my friend
Jesus died upon the cross for you and me
He was our sacrifice for sin. He died and rose again
so that we could have peace with God eternally.

Our sins deserve the wrath of God entire in the eternal lake of fire,
but there is yet a better way.
Jesus Christ offered Himself in our place, and by repentance and faith,
we can be reconciled to God this very day.

If you need another reason; remember sinís pleasures only last a season
but the joys of Heaven last forevermore.
If you forsake your life of sin, and you want to enter in
Jesus, the Son of God, is the only door.

The Bible still proclaims today: Jesus Christ is the only way
you canít get to Heaven any old way you choose.
Your good works wonít earn you a place, itís a gift solely by Godís grace
freely offered to all, now thatís Good News!

I urge you: hear the Gospel and believe, and Jesus Christ receive.
Become a child of God this very hour.
Commit yourself to the Lord. Let Him transform you by His Word
and behold Godís life-changing power.

January 23rd, 2000
Jerry Bouey

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