Birthday Poem For A Christian

Another year older, a year of living in the light of the Lord,
A time of changing, a time of growing,
A time of learning to use His Sword

Maturing more as the days go on,
Telling others what Christ has taught you,
Touching hearts as you travel along,
Living love - we can see Him in you.

A miracle is working there in your heart,
A new beginning, He changed you right from the start,
And now you know that there is no turning back,
The grace of God you will never lack.

You're a picture of what our great Redeemer can do,
When you walk in His love, you make an excellent view,
You are changing on the inside, it's really plain to see,
Like a stranger to this world - living for eternity,
Committed to our Saviour, you are resting in His hands,
He planned your future long ago, before your life began.

Oh, delight yourself forever in the living Lord,
Wait on His gracious love and receive His Word,
Taste and see how good our God is,
He is awe-inspiring and His name is Jesus!

He is your refuge when your times get tough,
His provision will always be enough,
Your steps are directed by the Father of lights,
Trust fully in Him, your future is bright.

Shine out, my friend, and show them the way,
Light up the darkness, hold the shadows at bay,
Free the captives, as Christ has freed you,
Tell others the wonders of what our God can do.

Praise God and live a life pleasing to Him,
Lift up your voice and let your heart sing,
Seek the Lord's guidance and live in His will,
Come before Jesus and learn to be still.

Though this life seems so hard and you may fail sometimes,
Get on Hind's feet - there are still mountains to climb,
When you reach the highest peak, there will be joy without end,
God will say, "Well done, My servant and friend."

May 4th, 1995
Jerry Bouey

Originally written for my sister, Lori.
The three children in the picture are Alex (James), Lori, and Jerry (Gerald).
Picture taken sometime in 1974.

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