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List Of Jerry's Daily Devotionals In His Monthly Devotional Pages

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One small project I have been wanting to tackle for a while is listing my personal devotionals that I have sent out each month - ones that I have not posted separately on my website, but are listed within the monthly devotional pages. Here is the list of all of these and the dates they were sent out, and the link to the month for those particular devotionals.

July and August 2004
The Song Of The Altar - July 26th
The Fire On The Altar - July 29th
At The Feet Of Jesus - August 11th
The Lord Is Able - August 13th
Job's Lessons In Trust: Times Of Testing - August 19th
Be Ye Transformed (Romans 12:2) - August 29th

September 2004
Psalm 107 - Part One - September 1st
Psalm 107 - Part Two - September 2nd
Blessed Contrasts In Scripture - September 11th
For A Season - September 14th
Some Sevens In Scripture - September 28th
More Sevens In Scripture - September 29th

October 2004
Praise God - October 11th
Of How Much More Value Are We? - October 26th

November 2004
Like A Tree - November 4th

December 2004
Some Thoughts On Martyrdom - December 21st

January 2005
Since Yesterday/An Unexpected Influence - January 22nd&23rd

March 2005
Eight Reasons Why Jesus' Resurrection Is Important - March 27th

April 2005
The Touch Of Faith - April 5th

May 2005
Psalms 42-43 - May 27th

June 2005
What Jesus Takes Great Joy In - June 16th

August 2005
When Life Doesn't Go As You Planned (Story Of Joseph) - August 6th
My Comments On The Brazen Laver - August 10th
What God Cannot Do - August 16th

September 2005
Will We Know Our Loved Ones In Heaven? - September 27th

October 2005
A One-Time Dedication Or Dying Daily? - October 15th

December 2005
It Is Well With My Soul - December 9th
The Meaning Of Christmas - December 16th

January 2006
My Strength - January 12th
The Bible Is Its Own Commentary - January 15th
A Type Pictured In Revelation Four - January 21st
What God Wrote - January 30th

February 2006
Seven Benefits Of Faith In Christ - Romans 5:1-11 - February 5th
What The Genealogy In Genesis Five Pictures - February 12th
Sevens In The Book Of Revelation - February 25th

March 2006
Why I Am An Ambassador For Christ - March 4th
Running The Race Of The Christian Life - March 18th

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