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Of all individuals that deserve to be honored, as well as godly parents and Preachers, I can think of none other more deserving than our Veterans. The price of their sacrifice cannot even begin to be described by the pen, and I cannot even attempt to do so.

In an age were the media has made too many undeserving individuals, such as sport & movie stars, "heroes", I only hope that the Veterans that view this section will know that they are not forgotten, and there are a great many of us who hold them as the true Heroes they are.

We are raising our children to give Veterans the respect due them. We never want our children, grandchildren, etc. to forget what Veterans have done for us. Were it not for them, with God's guidance, we would not have the freedoms and liberties we have today. 


Shamefully, many have abused our freedoms, even forgetting at what cost they were obtained, even to the point of applying to themselves the politically correct term of "pacifist", when their deserving title is "traitor".

One need only think of the possible ramifications if Hitler had won WWII, I mean really think! How many of us would not even be here today if he had succeeded in his "cleansing". And what of Hussein, or if Bin Ladden were not kept in check? One need only think of the cowardly attack on the USS Cole where 16 sailors lost their lives, as well as the barbaric act at the Twin Towers where thousands lost their lives.

There is one reason, and one reason only, why some people do not bother to stop and think of the possible outcome of a life of pacifism. Simply because, like considering the eternal destiny of a persons soul, it makes them accountable, but it does not change the final outcome. When nations refuse to maintain the fight for freedom, freedoms are lost. When individuals refuse to accept the only Saviour of their souls, Jesus Christ, the freedom of living in Heaven for eternity cannot be gained.

As Canadians, we want to especially thank the United States and British Forces who pretty well went it alone in Operation Iraqi Freedom. We are patriots, but we cannot stand with our government when they will not stand on the side of right and freedom. There are many Canadians who feel the same. We respect the office of the Prime Minister, but have no respect for the man who presently holds that office.

I have purposely put few images of "the weapons of war", for my goal is not to glorify war. War is bloody, and is sometimes the only means to an end, and I sincerely believe it would not be the desire of those honoured herein. 


Since we are Canadians, some may question the addition of other countries, but the desire is to honour all the men and woman who not only gave their service, but sometimes their very lives to defend the values we hold dear.

Your sacrifices were not in vain! We love you, and hold dear what you have done for all of us!


God help us if we do not honour the individuals in our Armed Forces!

The Trenholms


P.S. On Canadian Medals: I was given a link to a vast resource of medals at Canada's Veterans Affairs Website. Simply put, the amount of medals is so huge, I decided to simply link to the page.




If YOU died today, do you know 100%, based on God's Word,
that God would let you into His Heaven?
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