A Mother's Prayer



They grow up so fast Lord
These children You put in my care
It seems like only yesterday
I was getting gum out of their hair.



From a babe to a toddler
To a child going out to play
Now they are adolescents
Each striving to go their own way.



No longer are their trucks and dolls
Scattered all across the floor
They are busy with their own lives
Always heading out the door.



Itís so hard to let them go Lord
But I know it was meant to be
Iíve taught them of Your ways
Now I pray theyíll always turn to Thee.



Watch over them dear God
On their way to adulthood
Stand beside them on lifeís rocky road
As You promised that You would.




Dedicated to my children:
Billy, Amy, and Sabrina.



Alma Herrington.

January 1986.






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