A Mother's Pay Check 
When you get discouraged,
About all there is to do; 
When chores just seem to pile up high,
And you want to cry "boo hoo!"
Pause a moment and consider,
Before that great big sigh; 
Our reward is not of this earth,
Nor does it have wings to fly.

Should not we work all the harder,
Knowing 'tis not of silver, nor of gold,
But was planned for us by the Father,
In bygone days of old?
And one day when we enter,
Heaven's pearly gates, 
We'll see our pay check was long in coming,
But will know 'twas worth the wait. 

For what on this earth can compare,
To the words we long to hear; 
Spoken from our Master's lips
"Well done, well done, my dear!
You took what you were given,
And plodded and worked faithfully, 
Well done:, A good and faithful servant,
Thou hast been to Me!"

(Poem Written by Angela Trenholm on January 24th, 2001)


Out of all your gifts ye shall offer every heave offering of the LORD,
of all the best thereof,
even the hallowed part thereof out of it.

Numbers 18:29

The midi playing is
Our Best

Words: S. C. Kirk, circa 1912.
Music: Grant C. Tullar

Hear ye the Master’s call, “Give Me thy best!”
For, be it great or small, that is His test.
Do then the best you can, not for reward,
Not for the praise of men, but for the Lord.


Every work for Jesus will be blest,
But He asks from everyone his best.
Our talents may be few, these may be small,
But unto Him is due our best, our all.

Wait not for men to laud, heed not their slight;
Winning the smile of God brings its delight!
Aiding the good and true ne’er goes unblest,
All that we think or do, be it the best.


Night soon comes on apace, day hastens by;
Workman and work must face testing on high.
Oh, may we in that day find rest, sweet rest,
Which God has promised those who do their best.




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